Airports using TRAX SmartRestroom software to keep bathrooms cleaner

airport smart bathroom

Lately airports have started recognizing clean bathroom is important for air travelers as in-flight restroom units have shrunk in the economy class to accommodate more seats. Steps are now being taken to improve the conditions to offer pleasant experience to fliers waiting to board the planes.

Until now the restrooms at airports were dingy and unappealing, equipped with broken door latches and lack of paper towel dispensers.

A report released by ACI’s “Airport Service Quality: Airport Cleanliness” earlier revealed terminal as well as washroom cleanliness affects overall passenger satisfaction more than other factors.

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Los Angeles International Airport and four more airports in the country have invested in a latest technology dubbed as TRAX SmartRestroom software to keep restrooms cleaner. More airports will be using the system in near future, probably by the year-end

The TRAX SmartRestroom is developed jointly by Infax, Avius and Tooshlights sporting in it several components that can be used by the airports as per the requirement.

The bathrooms to have indicating lights at the entrance like green for unoccupied and red for occupied. Sensor fitted to it keeps a count of the passengers before sending an alert email to supervisor whether it is time to clean it. It is learned the units need to be cleaned after 300 passengers use it.

Passengers can also leave a feedback after using the bathrooms through a tablet made available at the exit. The feedback includes three choices – exceptional, average and poor. A series of six bad feedback sends an alert email to the supervisor to dispatch an employee and fix issues.

Deputy executive director for facilities maintenance and utilities for Los Angeles World Airports, Michael Christensen, said “The system lets us respond to an issue immediately so that it won’t be a problem for the following people who use the restroom. We can fix problems as they happen.”

Meanwhile, Washington Dulles International Airport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington, D.C., area have come up with a feedback app called Inspection Assist for the passengers to help the authorities keep the bathrooms tidy.

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