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Amazon To Open Up Second “4-Star” Store In Colorado

The 4-star store of Amazon wasn’t only a one-shot shtick. The e-commerce giant is going to continue opening up brick-and-mortar stores dedicated to its most well known online products simply like the current one in Manhattan, yet this time in Colorado. On Thursday, a Midwestern area will open up in Lone Tree, Colorado — just a couple of miles from Denver. The organization has plans for its first West Coast store to open up in Berkeley, California in the following couple of months as well.

As the name suggests, the 4-star stores offer products that are appraised somewhere around four stars or higher on the web. You can purchase fundamentally any sort of item you would discover on the web, regardless of whether that be tech, kids’ toys, or cookware. Special discounts are extended in the brick-and-mortar areas to Prime members. Labels on items indicate diverse costs for members and non-members.

These 4-star stores are just a single variety of the brick-and-mortar locations the organization has been opening up in the course of recent years. Amazon has a bounty of physical bookshops currently, and additionally, its growing chain of cashier-less Go convenience stores, the most recent of which opened in San Francisco a week ago.

Obviously, Amazon likewise owns Whole Foods. The organization’s relentless offline retail expansion is proof of how intrigued it’s getting at contending with stores like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens. In spite of the fact that Amazon’s new rivals are currently responding with tech-infused brick-and-mortar shops of their own — Walmart-owned Sam’s Club announced this week that it was opening its very own Amazon Go rival in Texas.

The 4-star stores are still in their nascent stages, however, it bodes well that Amazon would need to open up more in time for the holiday season. The organization’s physical retail presence is expanding. It additionally has around 20 bookshops and six cashier-less Amazon Go stores, along with some pop-up kiosks, AmazonFresh Pickup locations and, obviously, its 460 Whole Foods supermarkets.

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