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Netflix Demands People to Stop Doing the ‘Bird Box’ Challenge

Netflix has issued an alert to its users on account of a meme challenge that has turned into a web sensation in which individuals are putting blindfolds on and navigate their surroundings simply like the characters in the horror film “Bird Box.”

Let the mirth and the clinic visits start.

For the individuals who spent the holidays visiting friends and not viewing Netflix, here’s a quick synopsis. Netflix released a horror concept movie called Bird Box featuring Sandra Bullock. In Bird Box, Bullock and her kids, Boy and Girl, are compelled to wear blindfolds and explore a river and creepy woods. This helps them to protect themselves against the evil monster that, whenever seen, makes individuals kill themselves.

The movie not only broke viewership records but also invigorated a bevy of #BirdBoxChallenge memes. The memes included ones in which people record themselves blindfolded and attempting to finish tasks. The film portrays the majority of these tasks.

“Can’t believe I need to state this, however: PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE. We don’t know how this began, and we value the love, however, Boy and Girl have only one wish for 2019 and it is that you not wind up in the hospital because of memes,” expressed Netflix.

Obviously, these videos aren’t remaining concealed. They are shared with the world through social media. One viral image demonstrates a blindfolded family paddling ceaselessly in their bathtub. Another demonstrates a family going through their lounge room and one figuring out how to reach the stopping point.

There are various videos of random individuals walking blindfolded in cities like New York because sure, why not. One individual put a cap over his head while driving.

A month ago, Netflix declared in a tweet that more than 45 million Netflix accounts had streamed Bird Box. This count has set a new record for the best-ever first week for a Netflix film.

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