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China’s First Attempt to Deliver a Satellite into Orbit, Failed to Reach Off

China’s First Attempt to Deliver a Satellite into Orbit, Failed to Reach Off

China’s private spaceflight industry is still in its nascent stage but has enjoyed some success with the constant falling setbacks.

China’s first attempt to deliver a satellite into orbit around the Earth failed on Saturday, with something going wrong with the Landspace Zhuque-1’s third-stage deployment. The craft that would have been the first private Chinese rocket capable of carrying a satellite was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gobi desert, and while the rocket successfully raised off, it failed to reach orbit. Z-1 was carrying a satellite named FUTURE developed for state media China Central Television.

A video was posted by a Chinese news site showed Landspace’s 19-meter- (62-foot-) tall red-and-white rocket lifting off against clear blue skies. Furthermore, a Beijing-based startup that was behind the launch, LandSpace says that while the launch was successful, an error falls out during the third stage, and the rocket failed to reach the orbit as planned, according to Chinese microblogging site Weibo. Meanwhile, the company states the flight as a success: the two stages performed as expected, and they are the first private space Chinese firm to obtain a rocket launch license

A leading Chinese newspaper reported that it was the country’s first attempt at a satellite launch by a private space agency. The company was attempting to send the satellite into orbit on its Zhuque-1 rocket. Unfortunately, the attempt was failed into the upper atmosphere, though the cause of failure is still unknown. Even worse for the company, it was carrying a commercial satellite for state-owned media network CCTV.

This, however, isn’t the first-ever launch from a Chinese commercial space company, but it does appear to have been the first plan to reach orbit. Earlier this year, Beijing company OneSpace tried to perform two suborbital launches in May and again in September, which were successful launches. This has led the company to announce the perform of 10 new launches in 2019.

The Space industry in China is regulated by the China National Space Administration (CNSA), which has sent satellites into space. In 2014, the Chinese government start allowing private companies to enter into the space industry. Ever since private companies have played a role in that. LandSpace was founded in 2015, and until now has been the most progressive player in China’s private space industry.

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