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Optical Fiber Internet to Outperform Traditional Internet Speed

The demand for internet is rising from the emerging countries due to growing industrialization and the telecom industry. Optic Fibre acts as a catalyst for the changes that need to be inducted for growth in industries and to compete with the rest of the competitors from developed countries. With the tremendous increase in internet traffic, the usage of optical fiber internet has also increased. For instance, in India, the total data usage has increased from 4.2 million TB in June 2017 to 6.5 million TB in December 2017.

Earlier, the telecom market was solely dependant on copper wires which provide the internet download speed in the 10-500 Mbps range, while the emerging optical fiber internet download speeds can be anywhere from 250–1000 Mbps. The increase in demand for better coverage and more data is on the rise among consumers and hence the internet service providers incline more towards optical fiber internet. This increases the expenditure on the development of network infrastructure as it transmits more information by providing a reliable and steady connection.

In Gujrat, Bharti Airtel is in an effort to roll out 6,000 new mobile sites and about 2,000 km of optical fiber in the fiscal 2018-19. The extensive implementation of 5G to meet the high bandwidth strain in the telecom industry has raised the demand for optical fibers. For instance, in June 2018, BSNL is planning to launch its 5G services in the middle of 2020 through the implementation of optical fiber internet.

Telecom giants also acknowledged the demand for optical fiber internet to improve their services and meet up the requirements with the high-quality of increasing internet user base that India holds. With the innovation in technology, fiber initiative is happening all the time, Google halts its mass urban trenching project which promotes fiber as an opportunity for small businesses. San Francisco is taking fiber implementation which is a step in addition to the citywide fiber initiative.

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