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Volkswagen, Champion Motors, and Mobileye plans to Launch a Self-Driving Taxi Service in Israel in 2019

Volkswagen, Champion Motors, and Mobileye plans to Launch a self-driving taxi service

On Monday, Volkswagen, Champion Motors, and Mobileye the Intel-owned computer vision firm announced plans to launch the country’s first driverless ride-hailing service, in Israel in 2019. Mobileye is an Intel’s automobile vehicle tech division, has planned to roll out a commercial driverless car service in Israel early next year.

Mobileye, which was acquired by Intel Corp. last year for USD 15.3 billion, will provide the self-driving technology for the Volkswagen electric vehicles for the scheme they called Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS).

As per the norms of the deal, Mobileye will provide the self-driving technology, Volkswagen will supply a fleet of electric cars, and Israel’s second largest car importer and distributor, Champion Motors, will accelerate fleet management operations. The car could kick off with Level 4 autonomy cars, significantly human drivers aren’t necessary to drive in nearly any scenario. The vehicles will be equipped with Mobileye’s AV kit, the companies said in statement and project will begin in 2019 with a few dozen vehicles to test and simultaneously hundreds of self-driving electric cars will roll on the roads by 2022.

The joint venture, known as “New Mobility in Israel,” is different to other ventures and programs going around the world. The constant support from Israeli government will help the project to carried out more effectively, Intel said. And the company added, it’s not a pilot program, but a complete commercial car service run by machines and the regulatory support provided by the government will bring forth new opportunities.

The government of Israel has regulated some policies to support the EVs project in the country. The government is working in three functional areas for the proper regulation includes providing legal and regulatory support for the better access to equipment, required infrastructure and traffic data, and catering the need to access to infrastructure as needed.

Self-driving cars will revolutionize the commercial automobile world, providing safe, clean and emission-free mobility, which is accessible and convenient. We look forward to this partnership with our local partners Mobileye and Champion Motors from Israel, Dr Herbert Diess, Chief Executive of the Volkswagen Group, commented’.

We are proud to partner with Volkswagen and Mobileye and looking forward to strengthening our collaboration through this pioneering project, which positions Israel at the spearhead of innovation, said Professor Itzhak Swary, chairman of the board of directors at Champion Motors.

Professor Amnon Shashua, Mobileye CEO and senior vice president at Intel, said: “Our group is delighted to partner with a world-leading automotive OEM, aimed at delivering a transformational mobility service,”.

However, automakers are teaming up with tech companies to gain a head start in driverless technology, which is expected to surge the transportation industry, globally.

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