Who is Jamal Khashoggi. Why Saudi Arabia blamed involved in his missing

Jamal Khashoggi

Saudi Arabia journalist Jamal Khashoggi went missing on October 2 in Turkey. He was seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to collect some papers required for marrying a Turkish girl. He was a critic to the kingdom and for several years lived in a self-imposed exile in United States.

What happened to him after visiting Saudi consulate is still a mystery as he never emerged out thereafter. There are several theories to it and one of the important ones to note is that he may have been abducted or murdered inside the campus.

A close-circuit camera footage showed him entering the consulate, but never came out.

Even though Saudi Arabia has dismissed such allegations, but Khashoggi’s fiancée Hatice Cengiz said she waited for him outside the consulate and he didn’t turn up again.

On Monday it was assumed Saudi Arabia would release a statement that the columnist was killed inside the campus during interrogation, but the report went wrong.

It is also being said the operation may have completed without gaining clearance from the kingdom. A report adds he died at the hands of an overzealous intelligence official.

A day later, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had a meeting with King Salman and bin Salman in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis vowed to implement transparent investigation in the case without mentioning that the journalists may have died during interrogation.

Khashoggi is a contributor to Global Opinions sections of The Washington Post. In one of his latest reports he discussed his capture is being planned. He cited his finding based on the intercepted communications of Saudi officials by U.S. intelligence officials.

He alleged in his post that Mohammed bin Salman was directly involved in the plot to lure him back to Saudi Arabia and detain him.

According to Turkish media fifteen Saudi nationals traveled to Istanbul on the same day on which the journalist disappeared and one of them was the head of a forensic department in the intelligence services of the kingdom. Others too were to some extent agents.

Meanwhile, Trump had a talk with King Salman and it was learned the kingdom denied involvement.

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